Price list services for campers and caravans since 1st June 2019

pdf iconPrice list services for campers and caravans

Cost (rub), for time of services provided including VAT (20%)

For the amount of services rendered




One hour

One day

Unit of measurement

Cost (rub), including: VAT 20%

1 Parking for camper without connection to the electricity supply Appointed parking space - 450,00 - -
2 Parking for camper with connection to the 220-electricity supply Appointed parking space - 660,00 - -
3 Freshwater supply Supply of fresh water to a client's camper/caravan - - One feed 50,00
4 Recharging the battery Recharging using battery charger - - One recharge 250,00
5 Drainage from camper/caravan Drainage from a camper/caravan into a septic tank - - One discharge 2500,00
6 Rent of plastic furniture "Rent of plastic furniture (1 table and 4 chairs)" - 400,00 - -
7 Rent of a BBQ grill Rent of a BBQ grill (one grill, 5 kg of charcoal + lighter fluid/briquettes) - 1200,00 - -
8 Use of the slipway for the lowering/lifting a boat on/from the water For the lowering/lifting by a client's car - - One descent/ascent 430,00
9 Use of the slipway for the lowering/lifting a boat on/from the water For the the lowering/lifting a client's boat by the Club's tractor - - One descent/ascent 750,00
10 Parking for car Guarded parking spaces - 120,00 One place -
11 Parking for car with trailer Guarded parking spaces - 190,0 One place -
12 Rent of a "Pella-Fiord" rowing boat One boat 250,00 750 - -
13 Rent of a "Pella-Fiord" boat with Yamaha outboard motor, 5 HP One boat 450,00 1800,00 - -
14 Internet WiFi Login/password for 1 day - 500,00 - -
15 Shower no more than 10 minutes - - One man 300,00
16 Rent of caravan in the Ristikent club Incl: accommodation for up to 6 people, stove, water, electricity, gas, TV, bed linen and towels by the number of people, kitchen set, final cleaning - 7500,00 One caravan -


  1.  A day in the present document is the time interval equal to 24 (twenty four) hours counted from the time of the commencement of services or equipment. In the case of parking of a camper, caravan or a car less for than 24 hours, the cost will be charged as for one day.
  2. Service fees payment in accordance with the price list confirms complete agreement with the rules of the Country Powerboating Club «Ristikent» and the Operation and Rental rules of the «Pella-Fjord» boats.