Parkplatz für die Wohnmobile

The Ristikent Boat Club offers modern and comfortable camping site for tourists who prefer vacations on wheels (campers and caravans).
We are located in beautiful woods right on the shore of the Verkhnetulomskoye Reservoir, an hour’s drive from Murmansk, at 72th kilometre of the Kola-Lotta road (R-12), Kolsky District, Murmansk Region. The R-12 road from Murmansk to Finland (Lotta checkpoint) is only 800 m away. The access road is mostly asphalt-covered, the last 150 m are unpaved. It is only 160 km from the Finnish border and 180 km from the Norwegian border. The Club is a convenient start for travelling to the major cities of the northern Finland (Ivalo, Rovaniemi, Kuusamo) and to the northernmost point of Europe — North Cape.
Our camping is part of the Finnish Federation of Camping SF Caravan Ry and is marked on the international camping maps Campingcard int.,,, CamperContact, Rvland, etc., as well as in all navigation devices (Google Maps, Yandex, There is a signpost “Автокемпинг Ristikent” on the side of the road.
The camping is open all year round and includes 3 parking spaces equipped with service columns (electricity, water supply, lighting), up to 10 parking spaces equipped with electricity, as well as 400 m2 parking for other vehicles. The surface is unpaved.
Many extra services are offered to camping tourists to make their stay more comfortable (draining chemical toilets and “capsules”, providing showers, etc.). The area is fitted with warm toilets, gazebos for resting and eating, a food truck with food and beverages, including Ristikent branded natural potable water. You can also rent various picnic and barbeque accessories (furniture, grill), Pella boat (motor or rowing boat), 30 hp motor boat, and life-saving appliances.
The area is provided with 24/7 lighting, video surveillance, cellular communication, and Wi-Fi.
Payments are made in roubles and are available both in cash and by credit cards issued by a Russian banks. CCI card holders are entitled to discounts.

Telephone:+7 (921) 286-86-07


gps: 68°39’39.7"N 31°40’21.3"E

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