Fish gate at Upper Tuloma HEP

During the construction of the HEP the Finnish experts made a fish gate in the rocks (tunnel) covering a distance of 1960 meters with an underground fish ladder. However, due reasons unknown the salmon did not adopt the fish gate. As a result this facility idled for a long time and then it was closed on both sides using gates, and now we have a fish breeding factory there (silver trout). The Upper-Tuloma fish breeding factory is unique: it is situated at a depth of 70m.

As of late the Finnish experts had proposed to build a bypass fish gate in the HEP’s area, but bypassing the Upper-Tuloma HEP. Our northern neighbours are ready to invest significant amounts of money in the construction of the said fish gate: only design and technical preparations will cost 450 thousand Euros and another approximately 3 million Euros will be needed for the construction of the fish gate.

Fish gate, Upper-Tuloma HEP

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