About the club

Welcome to the website of the Suburban Boat Club “Ristikent”!

We welcome you to join the Boat Club and enjoy its resources and capabilities.

Our Boat Club is located in the Kola district of Murmansk region, 700 kilometres from the Kola-Lotta 72 km Highway, in a pine forest on the shores of the Upper-Tuloma reservoir (68° 39′ 40″ N, 31°40′ 22″ E) at the base of cape Vertishvar.

The Club was named after the Ristikenttä settlement (68° 37′ 59″ N, 31º 41′ 60″ E), which was located close by before the construction of the HEP at the River Tuloma and was drowned in 1965.

The club has a territory of 10 hectors, which have beautiful landscape and it has a water area of 3 hectors by the securely closed breakwater bay.

The club’s territory, both on land and in the water, has electrical illumination and is always under video surveillance.

The infrastructure of the Ristikent Club has been improving since 2003, but we already offer our members and their guests, who like to engage in sport or recreational fishing, like to enjoy water sports, to make use of our marine facilities:

  • Secure modern parking for boats and yachts
  • Wide concrete slips for the ascent and descent of your boats using your trailer or the club’s tractor;
  • Secure parking for your cars and trailers
  • Service facilities for your boat.
  • Floating refueling station for vessels
  • Rent of caravans (residential trailers)

The territory of the Club is covered by cellular networks of Megafon and Beeline and we have satellite internet connectivity over Wi-Fi (with membership card).

You can check our exact location and our postal address details on the Contacts page.

In the future Club “Ristikent” plans on adding such facilities as sheds for the winter time parking of boats, café, parking for campers and caravans, comfortable separate cottages for our guests and club members, floating filling station etc.

The “Ristikent” Boat Club is a project of Sudomech Supply Ltd (Saint Petersburg) — the leading supplier of marine oils by ExxonMobil, Shell, Total, Lukoil and imported ship paints and coats and chemicals to the European part of Russia.