Mooring for boats of up to 9 meters in length

The club has a 110 meter long floating dock structure, which offers up to 55 parking spots for vessels. The docking is made of latest pontoons of Finnish origin.

Depth near the dock – from 1.5 to 7 meters.

Our jetty has floating dividers. Some of the divider platforms have covering. Such jetty construction provides added comfort:

  • You do not need park your vessel anchoring from the stern or attach to the buoy. Mooring is performed directly to the boat rings or cleats, which are on the pontoons.
  • There is no chance of your vessel colliding with the adjacent vessel.
  • Thanks to the covered jetty dividers, you can board the vessel from the side, which is lot more convenient than boarding from the bow or the stern. It would be lot easier for you to load your vessel or to service it.

To get electricity for the vessel in docking and drinking water, as well as to use illumination during the afterhours the jetty has special utility stations.

The parking has round the clock video surveillance.

Panorama – Jetty for vessels not longer than 9 m.

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