The fish gate of Lower-Tuloma HEP

The uniquely designed and functioning fish gate of the Lower-Tuloma HEP, which stands on the Tuloma River in the Murmansk region is worth a mention. The salmon, which is the most fished species in this area, passes through its 57 steps of 3×5 each, going through the top level sink holes to go up by about 20 meters. Each 11th of the steps in the fish gate has an extension of 4.5m to let the fish rest on this fairly tedious path. The water speed in the holes is 2.5 meters per second, which was opted for after long and close observations. The salmon, which spawns in the Tuloma River can also move against quite strong currents — 3-4 m/sec and in some cases up to 8 m/sec.

Lower Tuloma HEP – opening of the fish gate – video