Nurturing a grown-up Samoyed dog

Taking care of a Samoyed / Sami huskie

It is important to keep the Samoyed dog in a place where it would not be difficult to take care of it. The Samoyed dogs can easily adopt to life in apartments, but it is better to keep them in suburban houses.

Taking care of the fur

It is not as difficult to nurse a Samoyed’s fur, as it might seem at first. The dog’s fur is always combed along its length, but before this, each time part of it is separated with hand and brushed in the opposite direction. The clearing of tangled hair is done by carefully combing them. It is important to blow dry the fur while combing it. When you are done combing the fur, you must comb it in the opposite direction to help raise the short fur. It is not advisable to cut the Samoyed’s hair. The Samoyed’s fur is naturally long and helps protect its skin against sun burns, heat and cold. For hygienic reasons you can just trim the fur around the upper part of the front paws, around the anus and the hair between the toes can be cut short. Sami dogs shed their under fur 1-2 times a year, which makes it a little difficult to nurture a Sami huskie. The hair cover should be cleaned using the dry shampoo, especially when you are nurturing a Sami puppy. For proper growth the Sami puppies don’t only need hair grooming but also appropriate physical exercises. The puppies just like the grown Sami dogs, become very nervous once they get is necessary to clean the ears of puppies and the grown Sami dogs. Daily long walks are very important for the Samoyeds. But please remember that taking the puppies out for walks during the first three months of their life, before vaccination, is not only discouraged, but can sometimes be dangerous. Since the Sami is a working dog, it is very important for the puppies as well as the grown dogs to breath fresh air for long periods of day. If you want to take care of your Sami dog, make sure to provide it with ample work, which brings it lots of happiness.

If your Sami dog does not like combing, you should not torture the dog. Just take a massage brush for grooming with long teeth and place it aside in such a way that the dog would not see it (for example on the back), sit down by the dog and start patting it. When it gets relaxed, start combing it slowly and gently. If it resists, you should calm the dog and keep on patting it, while talking to it. At the same time hold the dog tight, but not roughly. When your dog would be tolerant to combing you can use the slicker brush to comb it out. Just do not comb with abrupt and sudden motions, but do it as calmly as you massaged it. Normally you should massage and comb every session.