The Ristikent Samoyed nursery

We were utterly surprised to know that the Lapps’ main helper, the Samoyed (Sami huskie), who over thousands of years had been irreplaceable in reindeer herding, hunting and to protect the Lapps’ summer and winter camping grounds, had disappeared from the native Lapland (Kola Peninsula).

Therefore in 2008, we had idea to rebreed the famous Samoyed in its native land, the centre of Russian Lapland, the Kola district of Murmansk Region, at our Suburban Boat Club.

For the purpose of breeding we acquired elite puppies, who had well-known lineages, from the best Finnish nursery, Ikkliikkujan. In 2009 we bought Ikiliikkujan StormCloud O’Solo male dog and in 2011 we purchased Ikiliikkujan Sami Magic female dog.

After our breeder bitch grew adult, we, on 30 January 2013, received the Certificate of Registration of Breeder Prefix “Ristikent” from the RCF.